Top Car Insurance 2022 Best insurance for Maruti Swift, Maruti Baleno Auto Insurance in India Benefits and Risks - Explained Creationvilla

Top Car Insurance 2022 | Best insurance for Maruti Swift, Maruti Baleno | Auto Insurance in India | Benefits and Risks – Explained | Creationvilla

Hi guys what’s up when you’re not in front of the screen like you are right now and when you are on the road it is all about what it is about managing risk. You and I have been out there on the road and so you will agree starting from the way you follow traffic rules to the various safety features in your car like a dash, seat belts, airbags and well a lot of other safety features. They all work to help you mitigate risks but the question is that all enough will active safety passive safety and there’s one more element that I want to draw your attention to today which is something that we all forget.

One very important thing that significantly mitigates risks when on the road we’re talking about vehicle insurance.

Welcome to Creationvilla Blog and in this simplified article featuring Reliance General Insurance (vehicle insurance) for you and for everyone. So what is vehicle insurance??

Firstly let’s answer the question why is it important and where do we get one by Rook job here are some stats for you according to the National Crime records Bureau India witnessed a massive 4.03 lakh Road accidents across the country only last year, that’s 1104 accidents a day.

According to a report by insurance information Bureau there were 23 crore vehicles on the road of which 57 percentage of the cars are not insured this means roughly every other vehicle on our streets isn’t insured which is scary and it’s also funny because as per the motor vehicles act all vehicles that fly on the road must have a motor insurance vehicle cover I’m sure these stats surprised you as much as they surprised me.

Let’s start with the what insurance is an agreement between you and the insurance company like a rental agreement instead this time the agreement promises to protect you in the event of accidental loss and damage to your vehicle within the policy period.

Now let’s answer the question why vehicle insurance mitigates risks that may occur to your vehicle when you least expect them you get the drift here on power drift take the Murphy’s fifth law anything that can go wrong will go wrong and in India that is so true that it hurts think of vehicle insurance as a safety net that saves you from breaking your bank all the hard-earned money.


I’m talking about saving you from accidents, damage stupid people on the road if you may say that when you’re driving. You see the list goes on but wait before we go any further you need to know where to get the right insurance from of course because the source of all of this is going to play a role there are loads of places where we can get vehicle insurance.

But it is about getting from a trusted brand like Reliance General Insurance you see they make a very good argument we still think of just the basics when it comes to the vehicle insurance coverage but guess what that’s not good enough. We are in the year 2022, now we are in the era of more right so we need more from everything so more from your insurance policy and here’s how Reliance General Insurance or in short RGI stepped up to the plate.

In our research they have come up with a new age insurance that is fit for our era of more personalized add-on policies to suit your exact needs personalized mice that’s an automotive thing you can get crazy coverage for almost every part of your vehicle engine protector coverage. For example when you’re bothering a whole lot about the engine well you get the engine protector coverage key, protect add-on helps cover the cost of replacing your key when it gets either lost or stolen. Rim protect add-on helps cover the cost of repairing or replacing your car’s rims when they are damaged and tire protect of course is an add-on the cost of repairing or replacing your damaged tires in an event of an accident is covered under this. They have a lot more in the back by the way and so the next time you’re up for Renewal. Check out Reliance General car insurance and get all these add-ons or delete them and get more by following the link below.

Note: In a very Insurance fashion insurance documents are not related to the market risk but still please read the offered orphanage carefully before entering.

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