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POSTGAME REACTION: Tampa Bay Lightning vs Toronto Maple Leafs, 4/29/2023

Steven Stamkos Said:

“Fights that’s what good teams do right now of year you might not constantly deserve to win however you grind and also you find a way and I got some truly excellent players over there which have actually held the series so you recognize it it’s a hard minute due to the fact that the run that we’ve gotten on the last 3 years has has been incredible as well as anytime you don’t reach that level that’s what it feels like like a failure as a result of the season as well as the group that we have in here.

However once again that’s a really good hockey team over there and you recognize they located a way to win 4 video games so they are entitled to credit history period three overtime so here on on home ICE a place that you’ve obtained the second best record in the NHL of this year which they felt like you had played well in the added periods but the bounces simply weren’t disappearing yeah it’s to go much in the playoffs you need you require some bounces however you produce your very own bounces too and also like I said they they got some some excellent bounces yet you understand you be worthy of that you develop them however in order to go to go deep in the playoffs you require you require some bounces to vanish we have actually been a recipient of that the last three years to visit the Stanley Cup final 3 years in an actually you need some some excellent Puck good luck.

We really did not have that in the series Steven currently with the experience you people have had in obviously current years just how difficult is this yeah it’s hard I imply it’s it’s a very brief very sort of lonely feeling today when you’re out this this early I imply like I stated however the experience that we have the gamers that we have in this the expectations to make around annually that’s the means it is that’s the you recognize when you have the run that we have actually had bench gets raised so when you don’t arrive it is difficult we’ll start missing any active ingredient this year do you believe it’s hard to state now like.

I claimed I just believed we missed out on some possibilities in this collection and simply possibilities to win on residence ICE you know this possibilities to to score some some goals to place them away it was simply you lose three games at house in the style three overtime would certainly you such as the means the protection was playing though to sort of win this game I mean listen it it was a video game where I really felt like we left it on on the ice it was a Pass away or do game one one game that enters into overtime so like I said there exists’s no shame in the initiative that we placed in simply maybe the implementation sometimes had not been terrific however no one must go residence and I’m really feeling like we ‘d simply leave it on the ice like I stated I believed we played far better you know 5 on 5 hockey than we did last year and also we located a means possibly we obtained some bounces last year however for a lack of initiatives and you recognize you look at the shots look at the racking up chances”.

Victor Hedman Said:

“I think we’ve we did quite well I think it’s an actually excellent hockey group over there it’s simply when it does not go your method yeah it’s really challenging you know 3 overtime games you understand allow’s you recognize that outlet for you right there as well as you understand it’s a tough one tough people for ingest for us but so incredibly pleased with the individuals that were the fight as well as that’s difficult ending did you feel great entering into the overtime duration I imply it appeared like you’re controlling the puck a lot of the moment yeah it felt wonderful as well as we had some excellent looks there and starting Cole’s got a great look.

Mike had a good appearance so you understand yet it goes to reveal that it’s not a bad shot in overtime I’m gonna swing to the internet workplace gate as well as went in so you know that’s Victor exactly how would certainly you describe this collection no extremely hard you know first two video games you take those out you recognize we have one video game each there as well as then you recognize one objective games you understand three over ten video games very close and we recognized that going into the staircases that it was going to be close as well as but when you’re on the brief run a little bit in 3 overtimes it’s tough to win a series yeah a little bit most definitely really felt like we Carey play a great deal in this series but it comes down to winning hockey games as well as we really did not obtain that done.

I was just one 2 and also you know of course initially prior to so congrats to Toronto and also excellent for you directly I know you’re banged up a little bit early in the season in the collection just how challenging is it for you to type of fight via everything no it’s not challenging whatsoever it’s that’s what we would certainly like to do is play this sort of games and you recognize that’s absolutely nothing I gonna put anything you know really feel sorry for myself or anything like that people experience things and same chooses me you men are on such a duty in the last 3 years to head out in the preliminary it’s reached be difficult to take.

I think yes it is and you do not really understand exactly how to feel it’s it’s an empty feeling we love playing these type of video games and you recognize to find out short in the initial round is it’s never ever a fellow feeling so take a while to overcome Victor it’s very easy to type of recall currently however you recognize you look back at game four and also the method that that one finished I suggest it’s type of tough to overcome I indicate we came right back as well as won game five so yet undoubtedly in the playoffs we surrender before one lead as well as loose it’s it’s it’s difficult however at the end of the day it’s you you got ta have a you understand fresh memory going into the next video game.

I believed we would certainly j p back genuine good in the in game 5 and also other looks here in video game six but yep when a hr wasn’t our time where’s our missing aspect from the group this year no way John Steven stated in the locker space that he felt like you men played better this collection than you carried out in the last series against the Leafs I imply would would you would certainly you concur with that with just the method you guys played I would certainly agree with that yeah I’m not going to get in arg ent of like who is the much better group they beat us four games to 2 so the data state they were the much better team than us .

However do I sit below and ass e we can have truly done anything different to alter the trend no like we played we played well adequate to win this series I think everybody that views here would would concur with that but you can not you can not lose three overtime games in your home like if you’re not going to obtain a house video game it’s really hard to win a collection and also you know we needed to lead in video game three as well as gave it up with a min left we had a 4-1 lead in game four as well as offered that one up.

Also you know this we had to originate from behind yet still you’re three video games in overtime despite just how you as you understand the region of the video game’s going if you can not pull those out then it is difficult to win which’s where I offer Toronto credit score even when they were being leaned on by us they they were opportunistic they capitalized on on plays they had to and when it came for our turn for that to occur we could not we couldn’t exploit John after whatever this group has been with the past three years as well as the long terms and the successes you spoke today regarding just how much fun these moments are I mean just how vacant does it really feel kind of now I understand it’s just had to do with 10 mins after the video game but I such as listen this group hasn’t shed a playoff series in the Eastern Meeting because 2019.

John Cooper Said:

It’s 2023. the we’re not used to this feeling so it’s you sit here and do this press conference 10 minutes after the game ended it’s I don’t know I can’t even think of the word but you’re it just doesn’t feel good but like I said I think there’s 31 other teams in the league that would love to have our history here in the last 10 years five years three years that’s why this is difficult because usually we’re on the other side of this press conference and and I’m going second as the winning coach so it at some point you’re not going to get the break it just it’s just the way it is or teams would win like 15 cups in a row and a t for a team and an organization that has really has struggled in the playoffs at some point they were going to get a break it’s just sucks it was against the series against us isn’t it a matter of

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